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  • Over 50 years ago, MK Group found its roots in the beautiful and ancient city of Kyoto. Since then, each drive has taken us a bit farther, allowing a small taxi group to evolve into one of most appointed and respected transportation services in the country. Today, thanks to the hard work of over 4,000 full-time employees and the loyalty of countless customers, we operate more than 2,000 limousines, taxis and buses in all 8 major metro cities of Japan.LAMK-MKGroupJapanMapHeart.gifLAMK-MKGroupJapanMapHeart.gif
  • In 2011, we set our destination in Los Angeles and established MK North America, becoming the first taxi and limousine companies to expand internationally. As MK Group has always prided itself in providing prestigious yet affordable journeys, this initiative remains unchanged in the United States. We now provide airport service, as well as transportation throughout all of Southern California, traveling near and far to accommodate guests for any occasion. Our bilingual staff and professional drivers will assure that your riding trip is personalized and unparalleled. Furthermore, because MK Group believes that courtesy and comfort are guarantees, not privileges, all of our services are affordable and fixed.
  • Now traveling from the Kiyomizudera Temple to the Tokyo Tower to Hollywood, MK Group continues to adapt for the better. We are now adopting more Hybrid and Propane powered vehicles to be more ecologically responsible, and endeavoring to service guests beyond the Golden State.
  • We change because the world changes, and because our dedication is and has always been to push the horizon of high quality transportation further with every trip you take with us. We invite you to experience the acclaimed service of a globally trusted name, and see how far (or near!) we can take you.


  • Our values in Japan and here in America are founded on consistent integrity, quality, and courtesy. We work first and foremost with your needs and comfort in mind. We make certain that you waste no time weighing out options or having concerns about hit-or-miss service when utilizing regular taxi services. All of our drivers are licensed and qualified professionals who operate under strict safety regulations, and to further ensure your protection and reliability, we conduct regular drug and alcohol examinations for our entire staff.
  • Additionally, companies and cars contracted through hotels can mislead you with additional costs and obscure toll fares unmentioned in the initial pricing, often leaving you to pay up to two or three times the original charge. To eliminate these apprehensions, we offer one all-inclusive fee, explained to and confirmed by you at the very beginning. And of course, we provide all high quality services at a reasonable price, competitive with regular taxies and transportations.